Gender, Culture and Change

As part of the scheduling of Curta o Gênero 2016, whose theme this year is “Feminist Practices and Epistemologies since South”, the NGO Fábrica de Imagens – Práticas Educativas em Cidadania e Gênero promotes the V Seminar Gender, Culture and Change, from August 18th to August 27th, in Fortaleza, Ceará. Education professionals, agents of culture policies, social assistance, public safety and health, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Centers of Culture and any other interesting parties are invited to take part in the symposiums.

The registered works must contemplate one of the seven axes:

I) Gender, body and sexualities;
II) Gender, education and communication;
III) Gender, violence and rights violation;
IV) Gender and feminism;
V) Gender, art and culture;
VI) Intersectionality among gender, class, race and generation

In this edition, the seminar will have conferences, round-table discussions, workshops, symposiums and short courses, bringing a set of researchers, writers and activists nationally and internationally renowned to Fortaleza once more.


Curta O Gênero

The International Audiovisual Exhibition Curta o Gênero aims at promoting the diffusion of short audiovisual works (documentaries, fiction or animation films) which present gender relations and its intersections with issues related to violence against women, sexual exploitation, human rights, sexual and reproductive rights, education, health, among others. Audiovisual productions (documentaries, fiction and/or animation films) concluded from 2017 on, with a maximum duration of 25 minutes (including credits) and whose filmmakers are over 18 years old are eligible for registration. Works selected in previous editions of the exhibition cannot be registered.


Gender in Scene

The aim is to embrace and value the diversity of the national theater production. The exhibition is a space for presentations of theater shows that transit and invite us to enter in the delicate universes of sexualities, identities, violence and gender inequalities raised from machismo, racism and phobia against LGBT people. The exhibition Curta o Gênero, which has as this year’s theme “Feminist Practices and Epistemologies since South” aggregates multiple languages and proposes the transformation of mentalities by means of debates and diffusion of audiovisual, photographic, theater, academic and musical works committed to the denunciation against gender inequalities, with the construction of other representations and symbolic interpretations based on gender equality and on the affirmation of sexual diversity.



The exhibition brings the theme “Decolonizing Gender” and it aims at bringing photographs which can be inserted in the fields of gender relations and feminism, focused on the construction of narratives. As usual, the exhibition “Contrasts – gender, times, places, looks”, as well as the catalog “Contrastes”, which Fábrica de Imagens produces and distributes afterwards, are inspired in the general theme of the International Seminar Gender, Culture and Change of Curta o Gênero. Thus, in 2016, we are opening a selection for the receiving of photographs which contemplate the theme “Decolonizing Gender”. Notably influenced by decolonial feminist ideas and, in a broader sense, by what has been denominated as Epistemologies of the South, in this edition, we prioritize works that come from reflections and criticism which consider the necessity of strengthening concepts, aesthetics and practices produced in the South of the globe, in the political and epistemological sense of the term, and marginalized subjects, communities and peoples, diminished in a society which is simultaneously capitalist, eurocentric, sexist, heterosexist, racist and ableist.